Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Survival Of The Dead

 I'm out of sequence here like I was several reviews ago. I watched Dances With Wolves before this abomination but am steeling myself for the thought and effort I'll need to review such a fine film.
Survival of the Dead will be very easy though, short, sweet, and to the point. It really isn't worth the shelf space it takes up in a video store, let alone the effort required to rent it or carry it home.
 This is crap, garbage, rubbish, refuse, shit, trash..oh, and crap. It is as terrible a movie as you could ever hope to see. In a nutshell just don't bother. Coming from the master of the zombie genre, the man who all but invented it and brought it to the world, has sunk to unbelievable lows with this un-masterpiece. I honestly nearly cried when I finished this...was this really a Romero effort?? Yep, unfortunately it is and I'm afraid if this is the best the zombie master can now do it is time for him to retire and find himself a deep dark hole so he cannot present to the world anything as bad as this ever again!!
 Avoid, avoid, avoid!!! Told you it would be short and sweet. I really cannot be bothered to write much more about it, let alone find any redeming features of which I could write about. Oh how the mighty have fallen!! An incredibly sad demise to George Romero, may you rot in hell for this crap...forever and ever.......and bastard!!
Click here for more...but really it isn't worth bothering about:
And here for more just to show how bad it is:


  1. For some reason he decided to go the comedic route with this movie, never quite could get my head around that.

  2. It is incredible in how such a legend can fall so far isn't it?!!

  3. Don't know if you'd seen Diary of the Dead, film right before this one, but I thought that one was a good return to form but this one just makes a 180 tonally which falls flat.

  4. No I haven't ssen it...don't know if it is down at the video shop but I'll have a look next week.

  5. Diary of the Dead is a bit more straight foward as a horror film, he kind of beats you over the head with him message but Romero always has tendency to do that.

  6. I agree with your review, and Daniel's comments: 'Diary of the Dead' was actually enjoyable, even though I found the Spanish horror '[REC]', filmed in the same vein, much better. (If you haven't seen it yet, I would highly recommend it; it's possibly the best and scariest zombie flick in the last decade)

    This 'Survival', however, it's just an abomination, and by far the weakest entry in Romero's 'Dead' saga.

  7. Yes I shall have to look for it at my local video store this week. Never heard of's one for you have seen the Norwegian zombie flick Dead Snow? is quite a reasonable zombie flick.

  8. [REC] happens in a building in Barcelona, where the resident have called the police and the firefighters, along with a TV crew, to inspect a disturbance. However, upon their arrival, the building is sealed off and surrounded by the police without explanation. There is apparently an infection spreading inside, and for those trapped, there's no way out.

    It is scary as hell because it was filmed in the form of a documentary, i.e. you follow the story through the camera of the cameraman.

    The film was later remade in the US as 'Quarantine', but I highly suggest seeing the Spanish original.

    AS for 'Dead Snow', saw it and loved it. Reminded me of 'Evil Dead'.

  9. I saw Quarantine and actually liked it. I jumped a few times and got my money's worth. Dead Snow is really cool but unfortunately it hasn't been released on DVD here. Many foreign lanuage movies are never released here. I think video store oners think there is no market for them. But they are seriously wrong!! Some of the very best movies I have seen are foreign language!!