Saturday, March 12, 2011


 I am very, very surprised I actually managed to watch this last night. I turned on the television to watch it but all I initially saw was this tsunmai washing away half of Japan. I couldn't believe my eyes. My god! NZ has just had Christchurch devastated by a large earthquake but what I saw last night made that pale in comparison. And then hours later Tonga has a big quake. Well I suppose it isn't called the ring of fire for nothing!
 But back to the flick! Through all that I did actually manage to watch it all and keep an eye on events Japan by changing channels during the incessant ad breaks. At first I started watching it because I thought it was the second Anaconda movie which I have never seen, but it didn't take me long to realise my mistake as it is to play next Friday night.
 Anyway I settled back to watch the first instalment again as I had only seen it once before and that was some time ago. This definitely played in theatres here but I didn't see it. Probably because it looked like b-grade rubbish. Well it is b-grade and rubbish but is surprisingly good for all that! Some b-grade movies can get good budgets and produce a reasonable movie on it. Anaconda is one such example.
 The cast isn't shabby and there is some genuine talent involved. Eric Stolz and Ice Cube can be quite good on their day, but Jon Voight steals the show here with a very sinister and creepy performance. Jennifer lopez is also there but I've never been a big fan and she turns in her usual unremarkable Lopez routine.
 Oh and there was a giant anaconda whose acting performance must be assessed to! Well to call it a bit plasticy and rubbery is all I can say!!!!! No truthfully, the giant snake is what you can expect from the budget and is all in b-grade fun. The setting is all jungles and rivers and it is amazing how none of the actors are really sweating since they most be in a tropical country! Boy that is superb acting if they don't even sweat! Told you it was b-grade!
 Anaconda is one of those b-grade movies that isn't bad. It looks good, the cast is reasonable, the giant anaconda is kind of cool, and it just boils down to being a bit of turn off your brain harmless fun. I can think of another movie like it about a giant crocodile called Lake Pleasant. It is a short b-grade movie which is really stupid but in a fun type of way. I have seen it countless numbers of times and never get tired of it. For some inexplicable reason certain b-grade movies are like that.They are good because they are so crappy!
 This is a good watch for a lazy day when you don't want the brain taxed too much. I think it is a really good b-grade film that you'll watch time and time again because it has a certain charm about it that can't be resisted.
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  1. I couldn't resist seeing what you thought of this one Brent and you sum it up perfectly.
    Jon Voight is brilliant here, I love the way he leers at the women, and kudos for assessing the performance of the Anaconda, he's second only to Voight in my book.
    I look forward to reading your review of Anaconda III.

  2. Brent.

    Oh yes this is serious guilty pleasure material!! I do like it and god knows how many times I've watched it!