Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Halloween II

 After the awfulness to my eyes and senses imposed on them by that bastard Romero I didn't think it was possible for my night to get worse. Boy was I wrong....dead wrong ( oh no, a pun!! ).
 If Survival of the Dead was crap what possible anti-supurlitave do I find for Halloween II?????? I rented this because I saw the trailer on a recent DVD and thought it looked quite reasonable as a slasher flick. Those trailers led me astray...bloody things, isn't that false advertising???!!!!!!! They made this look really scary but it just plainly isn't...the only thing scary about this movie is the fact that it was ever made!!
 The short and sweet of it is that Halloween II manages to be worse than Survival of the Dead and that took some doing! Garbage, garbage, garbage!! Don't even bother with letting your hot little hand even tempt itself to pick this off the shelf even to read the back cover. Walk on by and keep your hands deep in them thar pockets!!
 After subjecting myself to this crap ( I swear I lost some intellect just having this in my home ) I think it is time film companies, and their reaspective makers, finally retire Michel Myers for good. He is now a tired acronism just like Jason Vorhees and Freddy Kruger. They have had there day and surely the movie going public has had enough of being subjected to the increasingly poor re-makes of  very much dead franchises. Let it go guys,  live with the memory of what great slasher movies these characters provided instead of trying to keep them alive and dis-honoring them with such garbage.
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  1. This movie pretty much made me give up on Rob Zombie as a film maker, such an aweful piece of crap from start to finish...

  2. Yep...straight out awful and a complete waste of money!

  3. Totally agree this really bad! It was a huge waste of time!

  4. Yep!!....absoltuley....when I look back I can't believe I actually watched it to the end as it was so bad.