Wednesday, March 9, 2011


 I went down to my local video shop earlier today and came back with eight DVD's. By god I spend alot of money on movie watching! I would seriously like to know how much I've spent in nearly forty years, but then again maybe not! This little lot cost me $20, and I'm off to see Rango tomorrow and that'll be another $15.30, plus petrol, and maybe some munchies. So this ain't a cheap love affair I have. Keeping a woman would be cheaper!!!!!! ( Sorry ladies no offence as I do love ya all really!! )
 Anyway to the movie! When I picked this off the shelf the owner said it wasn't bad and really violent. I laughed and said 'you had me at violent!' I've read a review on another blog but I can't remember where but they found it alright, so I sat down and watched it first.
 It has a reasonable cast, many unknown to me, but David Morrisey is always good value, and there were other well known faces from the likes of Doctor Who and other British television series. It starts with a raid on a Roman fort and we are instantly into the violence. It is graphic and in hindsight rather over the top, but this is what we get today in our movies. To be sure it is warfare of the age but the graphicness is a smoke screen of sorts for all in all Centurion isn't ever going to be a great film. It is an action movie, and cheap entertainment for a rainy day.
 But don't put this on your avoid list because it isn't any where near that at all. Like all average or unremarkable films it is somewhat hard to write a review on. It is an action no brainer with little character building, a small plot, but makes up for it with plenty of and blood and gore. The Scottish scenery is actually a real highlight and all but steals the show! It is actually very well filmed and the scenery is spectacular and simply breath taking at times.
 All in all Centurion isn't the greatest film you'll ever see. After watching it you won't go running around telling everybody you see that they just absolutey have to see it.
 The acting is...steady. Well maybe more to the point, adequate. It isn't awful but just gets the job done. It isn't that type of film. Olga Kurylenko is so good she doesn't even need to speak as her tounge had been cut out by the Romans! But she is stunning and gorgeous so who really cares if she doesn't speak. Just looking at her is enough! But my goodness she's a tigress in this! Quite literally killer good looks!
 Young Imogen Poots is stunning. She was only a girl in 28 Weeks ( you know the 'rage' virus ) and at first I couldn't place her as he has grown so much. I hadn't seen her in anything until I watched this. But I will say this, she is a stunner now and...well absolutely beautiful!! Superb face and an incredible crop of hair! She hasn't much of a role here and I hope she gets better ones soon as I feel she has talent that hasn't been adequately used yet.
 Yeah, a hard movie to write anything about really. Unremarkable would sum it up. Not terrible but somehow it is a film you pretty much forget once you have finished watching it. If it wasn't for Poots I would say I blinked my eyes and missed the whole thing. And I only say that because the last time I saw her she was but a kid and is now a genuine looker. She is a young actress to keep our eyes on, and I mean her career!
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  1. "an action movie, and cheap entertainment for a rainy day." think thats a good rundown of the film, I'm a fan of Marshall's over the top style so I enjoyed it a lot more than you. You are spot on about Imogen Poots, she's quite striking, looking forward to seeing her in more stuff!

  2. soon as this finished I forgot it!! It just didn't have any qualities that stood out for me. Horses for courses though!!