Thursday, March 31, 2011

An American Werewolf In Paris

 I watched this last night after coming home from Winter's Bone. What a contrast in style, genre and quality! I mistakingly brought it home believing it was the London version which I have only seen once, and that many years ago when I was still in highschool...I think it was still the Dark Ages anyway!! So it goes to show...always read the label!!!!!!
 Anyway I got down to watching it as I quite like a werewolf flick. I didn't pick this up because of the recent foray to Red Hiding Hood, that was just coincidence. As a werewolf movie this is all over Riding Hood even though it is as b-grade as you can get! Also, compared to the abysmal Survival of the Dead and Haloween II, Paris is absolutely brilliant! It had no where the budget of either of the afore mentioned atrocities and yet still outdoes them.
 In some of my other b-grade movie posts, such as the Anaconda franchise, I say I like b-grade movies. I do! And I thoroughly enjoyed this!! It was a bit of light relief after the harrowment of Winter's Bones, and I had a real blast. Paris may be b-grade but it is intentionally so and really sticks its own tounge into its own cheek. The lead actor is totally hamming it up and is great fun. He is surrounded by other actors who are more serious in their roles and the contrast is really neat.
The acting is what you expect from a b-grader and so are the sets. It is interesting in b-grade movies how quite often they do have quite substantial budgets. Paris must have as there are many different sets which are similar in colouring to the Mummy franchise as well as the Scorpion King. They are actually quite good but seriously b-grade! Th CGI is also b-grade heaven!! It is far from bad , and it is all fun all the way in how lame the werewolves look!! Ananconda was the same with the rubber snakes. It is just great entertaining, no brainer, fun!!
 I think too many horror afficiandos take their genre too seriously. Most horrors are b-grade and hence are somewhat limited to what they can achieve. Paris is no exception, and yet it is far from being garbage. It is intentionally hammy and becomes somewhat comedic in parts, but it never takes itself too seriously as a horror.
 Fun, fun, fun....and nothing but fun!! I seriously enjoyed this movie and it was a relief too watch after some of the bigger named horrors I have watched recently that were pure crap. Plug in, tune out, and have a few chuckles along the way!!
 Oh my god!! I almost forgot...unlike the Anaconda movies we get some boobs in this!! Nice little French ones, ( and they get quite a fondling too!! ). Mmmm nice little milky white boobs....well what do you expect, it is a horror, and you have just got to have the cliqued horror tit shots!!!
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