Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Night Of The Demons

 This film was made in 1988 when I was about 16 or 17. I'm sure it had an R18 rating so this will be why I didn't see this at the flicks way back then. I can remember it being released on VHS but for some reason it never made it home. 
 From what I can gather Night of the Demons has something of a 'cult' status, ( good word cult for a horror don't you think!! ). I suppose all horror films have their followers and detractors. I've even read of a horror lover saying he didn't think much of The Evil Dead! Sacriledge!!
 Like Hellraiser, Night of the Demons has dated, and not dated well. In its day this would have been scary as hell, but I found it no more than a nostalgia trip .The make up and effects are very typical 80's and while great then are now laughable. Sorry horror fans but you have to admit they do pretty old and somewhat lame now.
 But if you look at it through the eyes of the time then this wasn't a bad horror. I actually enjoyed it in a funny kind of way, maybe I was possessed?!!. Sure it is old but it is reasonably constructed, but slow to get to the horror, and would have scared teenagers silly in its day. It has the usual 80's horror cliques, teens, sex, boobs, scary old funeral palour with a history of murder, booze etc, but horror was about scares not plot.
 This film pre-dated  Demons and Demons 2 by several years. I saw both when I was 17 and remember plenty of 'willies' moments. After seeing this film the demons make up was obviously in vogue and the height of scary back then.
 Again, like Hellraiser, it is showing its age, but I enjoyed it in a nostalgic kind of way. It is a real snapshot of what teenagers in the 80's done for scares on a Friday night.
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