Friday, March 18, 2011

Dead Silence

 After coming home from Limitless I done my housely duties and then settled down in my nightly attempt to turn my eyes square! While slipping Dead Silence into the DVD player I asked myself why I rent horrors when I not that fussed on them. You may ask the same question. I suppose I do so because they are somewhat mindless and a good warm up to any better and more thought provoking movies to follow.
 I have read some reviews of this on some of the straight horror blogs I follow and it seems to be somewhat unpopular. If you have read some of my previous posts on horrors I have watched you'll find I like the movies that the real aficianados don't!! I quite liked Dead Silence as much as it is b-grade material and yet it has been universally panned elsewhere. Maybe my eye for movies isn't that good after all!
 This horror isn't original in the use of dolls. The Child's Play franchise is an obvious one with the nasty doll Chucky wreaking havoc. The awful and tasteless Saw movies have a creepy doll spouting " I want to play a game". This one has a creepy doll called Billy. It really is pure horror when something as innoculous as a doll can have a movie made around it! Billy is kind of creepy and I wouldn't want him in my house, I'm afraid one look from me and he'd be thrown out!
 Dead Silence is made by the team that brough the Saw films to the eyes of the world. I am seriously not a Saw fan. I just cannot find that sort of movie entertainting or even remotely holding any justification for their existence. How the hell that crap is watched and termed entetaining is beyond me. Dead Silence fortunately doesn't delve into such bloody realms thank goodness. There are some grusome moments but it is a horror and it wouldn't be so without some gore would it?
 Horror aficianados have labelled this unscary, but it certainly scared me! There are the usual jumps and frights that would have quite good on the big screen. The lead baddie is a woman ventriloquist who was murdered and before burial was made into a doll. She comes back to wreak her brand of vengence of her murderers by ripping their tounges out and using them to talk with. Surprisingly the gore quotient isn't particulaly high but there is just enough to make its point.
 Mary Shaw is the protagonists name and she is a hideous old bag with creepy, evil doll features. She is scary looking and is used really effectively in some real scare moments. Her hideousness exentuates the scare moments really well even though the use of some dodgey CGI is apparent.
 The acting is dodgey to, but this is a horror so that is to be expected isn't it? I'm afraid horror as a genre is never really going to be known for attracting or producing good acting talent is it? The plot is the usual horror clique, it has the creepy old theatre clique, the possessed, in this case doll, clique, etc, etc, but disappointingly it doesn't have the obligatory bare breasts clique. I mean what sort of horror is this without some tits??
 Dead Silence is b-grade make no mistake. For me though as far as horrors go this one wasn't as bad as a multitude I have seen are. It has a few frights and a hideous, ugly, scary protagonist, and a twist ending of sorts, so what more do you want?! A plot? Great acting?  If you want that then you came to the wrong movie my friends!!!! All in all it isn't the worst horror the genre has on offer. It is a no brainer that is  reasonably satisfying but will also leave you shaking your head in wonderment in how this made its way into your homes and DVD player!!!!!!!!!!
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