Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Yogi Bear

 I saw this with my two nephews aged 8 and 10 on the 13th Feb at the 2.30p.m screening. Only in 2D as no theatre in Hawkes Bay supports 3D. (Personally I think 3D is over-rated and am not bothered by missing out). I remember the cartoon series vividly fom boyhood and even now love the re-runs. Todays t.v cartoons just don't have the same charm as those of my era. Who loves The Flintstones, The Jetsons, Woodywoodpecker, Porky Pig, The Roadrunner, etc, etc?!!!
 Surprising the secenery for this movie was filmed in New Zealand and digitally enhanced to look more like American forests. Go figure! Why film an American based character in a foreign destination and then enhance it???? Being a Kiwi and having worked many years in the logging industry I could identify the New Zealand scenery behind the enhancements. It is a minor quibble and I found it strange. Of course the children wouldn't notice such things so to them it is immaterial.
 These days film makers realise that to make more money from childrens movies they must make them more accessible to adults. I know so many adults that now enjoy taking their children to the movies to see kids films because they are geared towards parents as well. Modern animation is a very good example of this. I've been to many animated movies with a strictly adult audience ( Shrek 4, Tangled, Toy Story 3, as examples).
 This not to say it is poorly made, because it isn't. Live animation isn't exactly a vogue way of film making. And Yogi and Boo-Boo do look good. The supporting cast is ok but not spectacular. It is a limited script so it isn't a film for an actor to shine in. But children are more forgiving than adults in these sorts of things. They want to be entertained, not bombarded with too many complications. Here I will digress a bit because it is funny what some film makers consider 'childrens' films. I think specifically of Coraline here, and any of you that have seen it will probably agree that is wasn't a childrens film at all. It was too dark, creepy and complex for children. I liked Coraline but I wouldn't show it to young children.
 When I went the theatre was packed as it was the school holidays and Saturday afternoon. Adults and children abound! Sadly this really was a film that missed the adult audience. It is a film only children would get anything from. And I found that mosts of the lines and sight gags really didn't stir the youngsters to any height of hilarity. My youngest nephew has a very keen sense of humour and he hardly uttered a sound throughout.
 The litmus test for me when I go to the flicks with my nephews is their response afterwards. If a film has made an impact then they quote the lines for days afterwards, and they constantly talk of the parts that they liked the most. With Yogi Bear they done neither, and that sums it up for me.
 All in all this movie just missed the spot. It isn't bad and younger children would enjoy it, but they also wouldn't rave about it. But it is a good enough watch for the kids on a rainy day.
 Watchable but unremarkable.
P.S!!..I really like Anna Faris and maybe she alone kept me awake throughout!!!  I think she is just lovely!!
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