Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Dilemma

 I went out to Reading Cinemas in Hastings to see this film at the 3.50p.m session.
 I had real reservations about seeing it as I am seriously not a Vince Vaughn fan. And unfortunately yet again my judgement on him is justified by this film. Just plain awful, I can't put it into better words than that. And it really is Vaughn that makes it so bad.
 If you have seen other Vaughn films then his performance in this rubbish will be familiar. He hogs scenes with vulgar on going monologues where he puts down everyone in sight. His attitude as a person let alone as an actor comes shining through. "Hey look at me, I'm a Hollywood big name so I'm just better than you". His attitude permeates this film like a bad smell.
 In fact this film is so bad that Winona Ryder's acting is just too good for it. She is professional and is streets ahead in terms of skill than anyone else. She is the highlight. Jennifer Connelly can act, but here Vaughn just over powers her with his attitude that her skill is just lost. As to the other actors, again, put Vaughn in the scene and they might as well not be there.
 This is one of the very few films I have even come remotely close to walking out of before the end. A good idea is just destroyed by Vaughn. He is just not funny. Bagging and rubbishing people like he does isn't comedy. It is tedious and boring. And in a nutshell that sums this film up. Comedy this isn't. There are absolutely no laughs in it what so ever.  Watch only to see Ryder show what real acting is compared to the lame ducks she is paired with. Avoid soley because of the yet again ego of the awful Vince Vaughn.
 It is somewhat hard to believe that Ron Howard produced this film. He can produce films of real quality (Frost/Nixon for example), but he really has produced a real mess here. An extremely poor film. Don't even bother with renting it, as you'll be wasting your money. And all I can say in conclusion is this: I will NEVER see another film with Vince Vaughn in it again. He is just straight out awful in talent and attitude.
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