Sunday, February 13, 2011


 I went out to Havelock North to see this film. I could have seen it in Napier but I wanted to see the film that followed this one so it made sense to see both at the same theatre.
 I went to the 5.30 p.m session on January 2nd. There were four children who went ahead of me. The woman on the counter called me 'a big kid' for seeing Tangled.
 Her comment again hightlights so much adult prejudice with animation. It is just not the sole domain of children. In the film Rapunzel is almost eighteen. The kids watching it with me were no older then ten. What do they know about being a teenager? I, as an, adult had more understanding of the characters than a child could.
 I really can't figure this mentally out. There is just a raft of good quality animation coming out and most adults don't really realise what they are missing. As I've said previously I love animation. It, like horrors, westerns, dramas, etc, are a genre, and like all genres there is the good, the average, and the awful.
 Tangle is in the good category . In my opinion it is one of the best animated Disney films in some years. The animation is just brilliant, the songs are snappy, and the humour is of a very high standard. I just can't fault anything in this film. I truely loved it. In fact so much so I have since seen it again here in Napier! My two nephews raved about it and I have found the children I've spoken to have been postive towards it. The few adults who have seen it have been full of praise.
 It really is the Disney studio at their very best. Rapunzel is a lovely character with an unbelievabley neat little figure!! But my favorite character was Maximus the horse. I find that no other studio humanises animals and makes them a stand alone character like Disney. Maximus is a great example of this. He starts out being tough and staunch but as the relationship between Flynn Rider and Rapunzel deepens his heart softens. At first he and Rider hate each other and constantly fight, which brings some of the funniest moments of the film.
 Like all animation it has the moral tone. It is very subtle and in my experience most kids never pick it up. They like animation for the humour, and I have always found that is what kids talk about after a film.  But I aren't saying it shouldn't be there. It adds to a storyline and kids shouldn't be subjected to the complications of the adult world. So the morality is a good thing.
 It is in a nut shell a film everyone can watch. It is aimed as a famliy film but anyone of any age will enjoy it. It is an animated film of the hightest quality, in fact I don't think they come much better!
 See it and enjoy, as it will not disappoint!!!
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  1. I really shy away from Western animated films, and tend to lean more towards the Asian animations because they tend to have more adult-oriented and darker tones, which appeal to me more.

    However, this was a recommendation from a fellow blogger in whose taste I trust, so I decided to give it a go. And haven't regretted it. The humor in this fun and genuine, no cheap laughs or stupid pop culture references. This is how animated films should all be like.

    'Tangled' is a win.

  2. I have personally never taken to the Asian style of animation. I can remember when it first started to appear on NZ television when I was in my teens. But again taste is personal. I liked Tangled alot and it, with Rango, are by far the superior animated feaures I have seen this year.