Thursday, February 24, 2011

Christchurch Earthquake

 Thought I take a bit of time and post some pics on the Christchruch Earthquake. My beloved city of Napier held the dubious distinction of having suffered NZ's worse earthquake in 1931. Napier wasn't as big then and was virutally destroyed. Most of the land the city is now built on was lifted out of the sea and surrounding marshes.
 But Christchurch now owns the 'honour' if you can call it that in having had NZ's worse natural disaster. The city's cathedral has had it's spire demolished and 22 people were initialy thought to be a under the rubble. A crying shame as it is the city's symbol and one of NZ's iconic buildings.  Just an unbelievable event to see.
But hey New Zealand isn't known as 'the shaky isles' for nothing!

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