Wednesday, February 23, 2011


 It isn't Thursday night but there really isn't anything that is going to be released tomorrow that I want to see. So I headed over to Hastings to see Sanctum. I wasn't really fussed on seeing this film, it was just a feeling and after having seen it my hunch was confimed.
 All the fuss over James Cameron's involvement is nonsense. His input really is minimal and it is just a ploy to get bums on seats. It is becoming an annoying practise to do this, and I find it is insulting to my intelligence. So gripe number one is out of the way.
 Number two is that this film has got the most appaling acting in it since I saw The Last Airbender in October of  last year. To say the acting is wooden is to be kind! One critic has called the cast 'lifeless', and that about sums it up. I just couldn't help but groan at some it and sure other patrons could hear me.
 I'm not a fan of 3-D and consider it over rated. No cinemas in the Bay are 3-D equiped so 2-D it is for me.  But no matter what fancy film making gimmick you used on this film it wouldn't save it. There is nothing here that is original. There is no suspense, tautness, and no  physical or emotional engagement, in fact it was a relief that it ended so I could escape the carnage on my eyes and ears.
 I find it no coincidence that this film has been made. It is supposed to be direct competition to 127 Hours. But believe me 127 Hours has nothing to fear and is by far the superior film in everyway. 127 Hours was beautifully filmed, where as Sanctum doesn't have any awe inspiring camera work or scenery at all. It is just flat. One scene sums it up. A group of people are flying in a chopper over New Guinea but it is in a studio with a jungle back ground. I mean how lame is that??!!
 This film is just straight out awful and could have been so much more and provided serious competion to 127 Hours. It is a total failure and about as bad a film as you can get for all the hype.
 In a word, don't bother, see the far superior 127 hours. Not only a very good accident/drama/adventure type film, but a great film in the process.
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  1. Agreed. A terrible TV movie, which happens to have Cameron's name attached.

  2. Ha ha ha and I wrote several hundred words to say what you did in 12!!!