Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Fair Game

 Well it was out to Havelock North for me again on Monday to see Fair Game at the 5.50 p.m session. A strange time but all Cinema Gold session times are strange. They vary so much. Other local cinemas have set standard times and I find Cinema Golds times odd.
 This is a MUST see film. It is an intelligent, taut, topical, and angry portrayal of very recent events in American history. It pulls no punches and hightlights the arrogance of power. It is an American story but I think all countries can recognise this arrogance from its politicians.
 Did I mention angry? This film WILL make you angry. The lies and manipulations of the American government over weapons of mass destruction and the decision to invade Iraq are at the heart of this movie. It is dividing opinion within America as to wether it is mere propaganda or the facts it is supposedly based on are real. 
 I'm interested in American history and current events. This film filled both interests for me. While I'm no expert on the invasion of Iraq I'm no novice either.
 This film for me has got it right. The facts may be in dispute but really this is a film about the lies the American government has told its people and the lengths it has gone to cover them up. This film's undertone smacks of Watergate. And for me I think, in this regard, the Bush administration has outdone Nixon's for lies. It is a film about how those in the highest quarters of society will lie and twist the truth and destroy other people's lives to keep themselves in power. This is the central core message of this film. And again, it will make you angry, and I can't stress that enough. Even a small amount of knowledge on the subject matter is all you need to understand this films message.
 For me this is the best film of the year so far, and the best film I've seen in a long time. Naomi Watts (who becomes more attractive as she gets older!) and Sean Penn are outstanding. They portray the anger and frustration of their situation with real power. They are so good and the message so close to home you cannot but be drawn in and 'feel' this film. It is one of those rare films that moves its audience. I felt anger, disgust, indignation, and empathy. It is an amazing experience to get from a medium that is regarded as entertainment, and shows the power of this film.
 I think this film will get many Americans to look at their recent past and recoil with horror at what has been done to them. Like the Vietnam War and Watergate (whose shadow hangs over this film) it is a period of American history that is going to be assessed and re-evaualted for many years to come. And like Vietnam and Watertgate the scars this film so vividly portray are going to be with America and its people for a long, long time. It is a film on how it is easier to a perpetrator than a victim. Bush, like Nixon, will walk away scott free from his actions. I believe that this is what me made me so angry. Others paid so a president could save his own hide. If that does not make you angry that what possibly could? A great film for all who have a distrust of their politicians (another word for 'professional liar').
 This is film making at its very, very, very, best. Brilliant and totally, totally UNMISSABLE. This is a thinking persons film. It isn't for viewing pleasure it is a film that delivers a damning indictment on governments in general and with it, the media. DO NOT MISS IT.
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