Friday, February 4, 2011

Wild Target

 I went out to Cinema Gold in Havelock North to see this film. They have differing prices there for day and evening screenings. I paid NZ$15 for the 3.40p.m screening compared to a NZ$16.50 evening session. This was the film's opening day right throughtout the country in most big cities and towns ( Feb 3rd ). Smaller centres would have to wait until the bigger centres had their fill first!
 First off I won't go into a synopsis of the film as it has been released overseas well before it was played here in New Zealand so most of you may be, or are, already familiar with the plot etc. My aim as to all my future posts is to view the film as a whole.
 Firstly I like both Emily Blunt ( who is so pleasing on the eye (!!) and a good up and coming actress ), and Bill Nighy who really needs no introduction fom me here. But as much as they have talent it in itself isn't enough to save this film. I found it patchy with some flawed scripting, especially in how Blunt and Nighy fall in love. Look it happens in life but the age difference in the characters really didn't work for me. It felt scriptually wrong and got in the way of the film as a whole.
 Secondly, when oh when is Rupert Grint ever going to be given a role where he isn't playing the half wit?? He's played it right through out the Harry Potter films as the character demanded but surely he can't make a film carreer out of being Ron in every film he'll ever make? And his role in this film feels like Ron Weasley without a wand but a pistol. Again a distraction as I felt he wasn't playing a valid character.
 And thirdly, this film is pushed as a comedy but really it falls flat...badly. Sure there were some amusing moments but not once in the whole film did I actually laugh out loud. For me a comedy is to laugh at and I'm afraid I didn't.
 Overall I found this film disappointing, mainly from what I've already pointed out. A good idea with some good talent, but so much of it has been done before that it can't score in any originality stakes. Nor in the humour stakes since it's pushed as a comedy. Is it worth seeing? Of course! You like me love going to the flicks so on that score it wins. But it really fails to deliver on so many fundamental levels.
 See it for a blob-out, no thinking, easy way to fill in a few hours type film because that's all it really is as you won't come out going "WOW!...that was amazing"
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  1. I enjoyed watching this film at the fullest. I was pleasantly surprised by this movie as I was having low expectations. A must see film.
    Wild Target 2010