Thursday, February 10, 2011

Silent Hill

Hi all! Well as stated in my "Aims of this blog" I made it clear that I don't do alot of horrors. But they are a movie genre and my local video store got a workout last night as I rented four DVDs! Two of which were horrors.
 Silent Hill, as many films these days are, is based on a video game. Another highly popular game, Doom, is another example. I remember seeing the shorts at the flicks and decided I wasn't going to see it. Being scared isn't my idea of entertainment and I generally wait until a scary film is released on DVD before watching it so that the horror and scare factors are reduced. I'm a chicken and admit it!!
 I won't go any too much detail about this film as I found it confusing. It wasn't a horror and it wasn't fantasy either. In fact it didn't seem to know what it was. For me, horror it was not. Scary?? NO!! A typical cliqued attempt? Yes! How many times must horror films use the orphan and the orpanage as a storyline? This is one of my biggest gripes of horror films. They seem so narrow in their imagination. The orphan story line has been done so many times it is just straight out boring now.
 The creatures in this film smack of del Toro, one the great film  makers of our generation, as to be unoriginal. But as a guy Radha Mitchell is a revelation!. She is an absolutely stunning looking woman and I loved watching her!! Sorry ladies but I am a red blooded male and I do like attractive women! But unfortunately Radha and a hot female cop can't cover for a pointless movie.
 This movie fails to deliver as a horror. It is plainly unscary, and nothing in the plot is really original. It really underpins one of the great weaknesses of horror as a genre, it's inability to be really expansive in storyline. Whilst I admit to not being a horror fan this film left me disappointed. It had a good reputation within the horror following community that I felt I had to see it. Sadly it didn't deliver and really it isn't worth bothering with. It isn't a horror as such but it isn't quite fantasy either, so it feels hollow and somewhat empty.  That, combined with a somewhat confused plot, make for a frustrating watch. It is a film that doesn't really know what it is or what it is supposed to be.
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  1. I had the same response to this film: a sense of "what was the point of all that"? My wife enjoyed it because she'd played the video game, but all I saw was a confused narrative mess with some decent visuals but no real purpose.

  2. Thsnks again for the comment. Like me I think you have got to the crux of this film, confused and ultimately pointless. Nice to have a follower and know that what I'm writing is being read. Makes bloging a lot more satisfying!

  3. No probs. I like what you're doing with the blog. Your reviews are an ideal length (I'm quite jealous: I ramble too much in mine!!) and the design of your blog is uncluttered and appealing.

    It took me about two years to develop the readership I've now got on The Agitation of the Mind. I've no doubt you'll gather more followers over time. A good way of alerting people to the fact that your blog is out there is to participate in blogathons. Bryce at Things That Don't Suck is doing a Sam Raimi blogathon from 25 March to 2 April. Might be worth contributing to that.

  4. Thanks!! I'll take your advice on board. I have already noticed a huge increase in traffic since you have potesd a link to my blog from yours.