Thursday, February 17, 2011

Jennifer's Body

 Well from a film that promised much and delivered little to a film that is just rubbish!! I rented this the other night and finally watched it earlier today.
 First let me get something straight. I'm not overly keen on Megan fox, as a supposed looker she is not my type. I rented this film to see wether she could stand up in a lead role after the Transformer movies. In a nut shell she can not.
 Amanda Seyfried is much more talented and I'm eagerly awaiting her latetest film Red Riding Hood. I hope it does not disappoint. Seyfried here completely shows up Fox's lack of talent. Seyfried has looks too but she can act within the roles she has been given. I like her and find her far more attractive than Fox. She is clean and natural where as Fox is just slutty.
 This film and the role of Fox comfirms why. We are expected to believe that Fox's character is a virgin as a group of young musicians sacrifice her to a demon to gain fame. This is after she had been wriggling her behind at every guy she sees and dressing like a tramp. Boy did the script writers get that one wrong. No one could mistake that sort of behaviour coming from a virgin. She is a slut pure and simple.
 It is just so poorly scripted that we are expected to believe that Fox's slut is best friends with Seyfried's geek. This film is aimed at hormonal teenaged boys who will dream of Fox and Seyfried after viewing it. It is so bad that the flaws of the script are supposed to be covered up by Fox and Seyfried doing sex scenes, both hetro and lesbian (Fox and Seyfried have a pashing session towards the end).
 The film is targeted as a horror but it is not even close. There is nothing scarey here, and any percieved horror is just lame. It can't even deliver any comedy when it attempts too. What is this film actually trying to be?
 I will tell you. It is just a smutty use of Fox and Seyfried. It is sad to see Seyfried use her looks in such a poor film that really degrades her ability as an actress. Sadly this film is nothing more that a cheap fanasty for naughty little schoolboys to get their jollies over.
 It is truely hard to believe that a guy who can make a truely fine film like the acclaimed Juno can sink to the level of this garbage. What oh what was he thinking??
  All in all this film is an insult to one's intelligence and as poor a film as it is possible to see. Cheap and utter rubbish. It should be avoided. It has no redeeming features and is nothing but a film for little boys.
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