Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Green Hornet

 I saw this the day before Unknown. I had a free ticket and saw it at the 3.30p.m session.
 This film is based on an early Twentieth Century radio programme. This made it quite ambitious to be the first  attempt at a film version. I was expecting much from this film and the shorts to it looked promising. 
 Sadly I was let down. The idea is good and the film could really have gone places but it just straight out falls flat. I personally found Seth Rogen a big part of the problem. He plays a bumbling slacker but he doesn't play it well enough. It fact he is absolutely awful and totally iritating. 
 He tries too hard to be an idiot and his constant 'whoas' and 'awesome' quickly wear thin. Rogen can be quite good, think Pineapple Express, but here he fails to deliver a viable character. He is annoying and unescapable, which completely overshadows the whole film.
 Christopher Waltz is attempting to re-create the menace of his character in Tarantino's Inglorious Basterds. It is unfortunate type casting and I hope he does not full into that trap. He tries to be scary but just isn't, and fails to deliver a believable gangster who is under siege from the Green Hornet.
 It is a concern when the supporting cast are better than the two main protagonists. Diaz is just Diaz but she is still streets ahead of Rogen! Chou is something of an unknown and is probably the hightlight of the film. He plays the under-valued side-kick well. He is a character who really carries the Green Hornet and his bumbling ways.
 It is an action/superhero/comedy flick so there are lots of fights, explosions etc. and a very cool car that totally steals the show!! There is nothing new here action wise. The plot of an every day guy deciding to be a superhero was done better in the recent, and far superior, Kick Ass.
 This is an unfortunate film. It could have been a really good addition to the superhero/comedy/action/ genre. It fails to deliver on an initial promising premise. Seth Rogen is just painful. The humour is drab, and overall the film just fails on its initial promise. I seriously hope there is not a sequel!
 Too be honest....don't bother! You want it to be good but you will finish watching it disappointed in the fact that it just wasn't.
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