Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Bitch Slap

 Bitch Slap is in somewhat the same mold as Operation:Endgame. Low budget. But that doesn't mean low budget films are rubbish. Paranormal Activity had a low budget but it raked in millions and wasn't a bad horror in the process!!
 But I digress! Bitch Slap is another virtual straight to DVD film. I rented it last Saturday night and hadn't heard of it before. Again, as I'm very prone to, I rented in on a whim as I love films and watch almost anything as much as I can.
 I really liked this film. It has been fairly much universally canned and I do see why. But I still like it. It is utterly, utterly stupid but in such a tounge in cheek sort of why that it is enjoyable. It doesn't take itself seriously and nor should the viewer. It's meant to be stupid and unlike Operation:Endgame the humour is funny, extremely vulgar, but very very funny for it! Lesbian jokes abound and no part of the female anatomy is spared!!
 It is an action movie and there is the usual blood and guts. But what set this film apart from others for me was the cat fights. The girl girl fights are spectacular and really well staged. And violent as any fight you'll see. But again it is so tounge in cheek that you'll be laughing at the 'bitch' insults each hurls at the other as they attempt to beat each other brains out.
 There is twist in the story at the end, and some semblance of a plot with many flashback scenes. For the James Bond fans among you you'll recognise one scene that pays homage to several Roger Moore scenes. Very very tounge in cheek stuff, and that is the way to approach this film.
 There is a New Zealand connection in this film as it stars Michael Hurst and Lucy Lawless. So for me, being a Kiwi, the connection was an added attraction to watch it.
 I really enjoyed this film. I 'got' it as I don't think alot of people would. It's surprisingly well made despite an average script, and the vulgar humour is so over the top it is extremely funny. And if you want to see three hot females beat each other senseless then this is the film for you.
 Over the top, vulgar, crass, mindless fun!!
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  1. This movie is a total waste of time. There is nothing likable in this film. I wasted so much time on it. I suggest all to avoid it.
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