Saturday, February 12, 2011

Aeon Flux

 It is the weekend and the local video store has gotten another visit. I hired four DVDs, one of which was Aeon Flux. I honestly can't remember if this played at any Hawkes Bay cinema. I certainly didn't see it even though I have heard of it.
 As you may or not know it is based on a t.v series, which again I haven't seen. Like many fims I see I don't have to know anything about it too view it. That is one of the thrills of movie watching for me because every film is different and you just don't know what you are going to get!
 Charlize Theron is a fine actress when given the opportunity . I think Monster and particularly, In the Valley of Elah, are very good films, which let Theron's abilities shine. Unfortunately Aeon Flux doesn't do anything for Theron. It may go down as one of the films she most regrets making.
 There is only one way I can describe Aeon Flux, and that is utterly sterile. There is just no real redeeming features for me in this film. Some CGI and Theron in a skin tight body suit aren't going to make a film watchable.
 The plot is somewhat thin and made worse by trying hard to project a storyline with morality. It fails miserably. It is a poor film in every regard. It isn't bad as I have sat through much, much worse, but it just doesn't deliver anything. Using Theron in an eye-candy type role isn't even enough to make this film watchable. It highlights how the producers have tried to use Theron's acting skills and great looks to give some semblance of respectability to the film as a whole. Again using her like that won't lift this film from what it is. Pointless, bland, and extremely sterile. If you never see this film you are not missing anything.
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  1. Heard this was pretty bad. Will keep avoiding it.

  2. It is a poor movie. Theron is a fine actress but she is here only to wiggle her arse and look good! It is one you can keep on living even if you never see it!