Tuesday, February 8, 2011


 I also see any number of films on t.v and rentals. I'm fortunate that I have a video store 100 metres up the road!! So last Friday night I popped in and rented Operation:Endgame.
 I'd never heard of this film before and it obviously went straight to DVD here in NZ. With a reasonable cast and plot I gave it a try.
 Well!!!!...this film in a nutshell is absolute rubbish!! Look at the poster. The characters have pistols, and yet in the movie there isn't a single shot fired. The characters enter a sanctum where they give up all weapons before entering. So the poster is absolute nonsense and gives a false pretence to the content of the film.
 The film is unoriginal and doesn't deliver anything in anyway. An action-comedy is how it is touted. Action maybe but comedy...forget  it. Lots of over the top swearing and crude remarks didn't make for any laughs I'm afraid.
 And incredibly this film is only 87 minutes long. It's a real failing on a poor film. The price of the rental isn't justified. If it was a good film then maybe you couldn't complain, but overall this is as bad a film as you could possibly see.
Click here for a synopsis...if you dare!!
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  1. Definitely agree with you. What a waste of a good cast.

  2. Too true...it really is unbeleivable that they all signed up to star in this garbage. The script must have been a give away. Money over substance I suppose.