Saturday, February 26, 2011

Friday The Thirteenth

  I have a new follower!! Thanks for stopping by Emily C, I quite like your blog so added it to my list of recommened blogs to visit. It is somewhat of a coincidence that the next film I'm reviewing is a horror!
 I actually caught the end of The Sixth Sense before watching this film.I had forgotten how good it was, and also how bad M. Night Shyamalan is now as a film maker. The Last Airbender last year was a shockingly poor film.
 Well, as alot of people who were once teenagers of my generation, they headed in droves to the flicks to visit Camp Crystal Lake. Jason Voorhees pre-dated Freddy Kruger by about seven years but for me Jason is the quintessential horror film character. Can any one deny that the scene where he jumps out of the lake into the girls boat in the first film , and Reagan's head turning through 360 degrees in The Excorsist are not the most iconic scenes in horror history?
 I saw all the films up to about part six or seven before moving on and I have never revisited Crystal Lake since. Until last night. I thought  I'd relive my teen years of horror films and in particular the Friday the Thirteenth franchise. What I saw was a bitter disapointment, and quite honestly, as poor a homage to the ealier films that genuinely scared cinema goers.
 This isn't horror, why?? Because it is not scary. Not at all. Not one scare, fright moment, jump out of seat, hair raising, cliqued horror film moment. I couldn't believe this film has got the title it does. Friday the Thirteenth films were synonymous with genuine scares and were among the leaders in the genre of slasher films. This, to put it mildly, is garbage.
 No scares in a horror franchise is like an actioner with no action, what is the point? I honestly sit here in utter disbelief that this film was ever made. Sure there is the Jason and his machete moments but, like the awful and equally unscary Nightmare on Elm Street of last year, what is about to happen is so obvious the makers might well of put bells on Jason to advertise his presence.
 There is of course the obligatory boobs and sex scenes but they are standard horror movie cliques. Big boobs aren't going to make this clanger any better. I was expecting better from this film and it shows one thing. The Friday the Thirteenth franchise should finally be put to rest. I'm afarid to say that Jason Voorhees has had his day and he is now well and truely eclipsed by newer and far scarier horror figures. He once set the standard but let it rest people! 
 A crying shame that such a horror film legend has been stooped to this level. A horror is about frights and this has none. A film from a legendary horror figure that scared millions of film goers and set the benchmark deserved better than this. Awful, garbage, rubbish, unscary, and finally a sad demise to a once great horror character. AVOID!!
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  1. Great review! It didn't capture anything from the original other than the fact that some people got killed.

  2. Thanks!! Absolutely right on the money withyour comment.

  3. There was absolutely no need to remake this movie. The original stands on it's own.

  4. Brent.

    Agreed Ty...this is pure crap. It is one of several reaallllllllyyyyyyyy bad movies i have endured this year.