Monday, May 2, 2011

The World Is Not Enough

 I am an absolute Bond fanatic and unashamed to say it! I can watch  each and every Bond movie repeatedly and not get bored. I'm like that with the first three Star Wars movies as well. I honestly couldn't tell you how many times I have seen them over the years. Good god! I saw them all when they were released in theatres in the late 70's early 80's!!

 The very first Bond film I saw on the big screen was Roger Moore outing For Your Eyes Only. Not one of the best Bond movies admitedly, but from then on I was hooked. One thing from that first viewing is I think Sheena Easton's title song is my favorite Bond song ever. I'm also partial to the end song from Dalton outing License to Kill. I remember vividly the buzz that went around whenever a new Bond movie was to be released. Even up to Dalton's last outing Bond was big news cinema wise.

 It was great stuff to live through. More modern Bond movies didn't have the same anticipation but were still very well recieved. Audiences certainly change but no matter what a Bond movie is always cinematic news. Only the first three Star Wars movies, and The Lord of the Rings trilogy, has ever approached such anticipation from audiences. The Bond movie I re-call most from the 80's was A View to a kill. It has its critics. Even Moore himself felt by then he was too old for the role and doesn't like the movie. But I love it, and it is my favorite Roger Moore Bond movie. It is funny how things stay with you through life like that.

 I like all the Bonds too. My sentmental favorite is Pierce Brosnan. Sean Connery is definitely the Bond to beat all Bonds but I'm never fussed on who I'm watching because each actor to have played 007 has brought their own style to the role. I think that is why the franchise has endured for so long. James Bond is the big screens equivilent to the small screens Doctor Who, who as a character has endured as long as Bond, and had many actors in the role. And Like Bond each Doctor has been different in style. We all have our personal favorites to have played each respective role over the decades.

 For me the on-going endurance of the franchise is with each movie it brings a new title song, and of course, a new Bond girl. Like Bond himself there have been those who were better than others. In The World is not Enough Denise Richards was panned as Dr. Christmas Jones. It was said a dcotor shouldn't wear a crop top and short shorts. What nonsense I say. Why can't she dress that way? The Bond movies are all about fun and entertainment, so if Denise Richards shows some flesh then she is in tune with the overall feel of the franchise. As a Bond girl she was a good choice because she was a serious looker in her younger years. The mis-fortune being she couldn't act, but she wasn't the only Bond girl who suffered that infirmity!! She is not good in her role except as a surly bit of eye crumpet!!

 Sophie Marceau is also a real looker. She is perfect in her role and I love the clothes she wears. They match her looks and figure perfectly, not to mention her role. It is funny though how many Bond girls never become anything after their Bond apperances. Marceau has faded away somewhat within English language movies but still apperas in her native languaged French outings. Robert Carlile is well cast as the Bond baddie, and he gives a quite chilling and credible performance as Renard. With such a quality cast Richards is a stand out for her awfulness though!! She can't hold a candle anywhere near Brosnan and Carlile! But the Bond movies have always had that penchance for combing quality with the farcial, it is just all part of their charm.

 For me the best part of this Bond movie is the chopper scene with the hedge trimmer. It carves up quite nicely a caviar factory, it was absolutely spectacular on the big screen. This scene mirrors so many from the Bond movies. As a franchise they embodied great stunt work within the action secenes, and set the standard in that regard for many, many years. Without question they were movies that many other actioners aspired to. I think that standard has been kept. Who can doubt the chase scene on the cranes at the start of Casino Royale is not spectactular and indicative of the Bond movies? It is one of my most favorite movie scenes ever. The jump from the Eiffel Tower in A View to a Kill was a leading stunt in its day and much talked about. I think it is still a memorable film stunt even after a quarter century. But this is what the franchise was about, and very few Bond movies failed to deliver.

The World is not Enough is one of Brosnan's stronger outings as 007. I particularly like him as Bond and like all four of his outings. He was a good choice to kick life back into the franchise when it seemed dead and buried. I like Timothy Dalton as Bond and it is unfortunate that contract wrangles, and film company disputes, cut his tenure short. It must be remebered he took on the role when the Cold War was ending and spy movies were going out of favour. It was a career risk and a brave move by him, even though he had been offered the role before Roger Moore. I would like to have seen make at least two more Bond movies to really cement his place as an enduring 007. I was deeply worried when the lastest Bond movie was put on indefinite hold as I had visions of Daniel Craig's tenure as Bond mirroring Dalton's. Luckily MGM's financial woes have been sorted and we'll be blessed with Craig as 007 soon.

 So The World is not Enough is a very good Bond movie. Denise Richards isn't great but there is enough 'Bond' going on that it is easy to ignore her awfulness. As a Bond movie it has it all from the opening Garbage track to the action scenes, the Bond girls, and the famous ad-lib lines from Bond which bring the humourous touch. With so many ingredients how can a movie such as this not fail to satisfy??!!! James Bond, shaken not stirred, I do love thee!!!!!!!!

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  1. From my memory, I did not really like this film. But I am not one of the biggest Bond fans either, so maybe that is why. Great review though!

  2. I have a sweet spot for Pierce Brosnan as well. Although, I have to admit, Daniel Craig is a damn good Bond (before Bond was really Bond, haha). I think GOLDENEYE is the best of Brosnan...

  3. Bond isn't for all but as I say I'm all for Bond as they are always fun and good escapism.

    Rachael! I love Daniel Craig as Bond too. He is definitely one of the stronger actors to have been in the role. He is pushing me and my opinion of Brosnan as my sentimental favorite!! I don't really have favorites from each Bond as I like all the Bond movies regardless of the actor.