Thursday, May 5, 2011

Source Code

 If you have read my post on Charade you would have noticed I said I'd fore go seeing this movie. Well my resolution lasted all of a day! The funny thing with it is that it had absolutely no trailers played at the local cinemas. I only knew of it because of reviews I had seen here on blogospere. It really is quite strange when a movie with no promotion gets screened and yet movies like The Rite, and The Adjustment Bureau, which did, weren't screened. Go figure!!

 I knew seeing Source Code after Charade was going to be a mistake. Problem is that it is Thursday and my movie night. I tried to resist the urge but it has been a part of my routine for many years that I couldn't fight the need to succumb. I had to pop over to Hastings to see it as my local cinema has Water for Elephants tonight which I'm not really keen on seeing. I'm not a Robert Pattinson fan, and even less of a Reese Witherspoon one. Christoph Waltz looks too type cast as well, so it is a movie I feel it is best to avoided by moi!

 So Source Code it was. Believe it or not there were only three people there!! Shows you how important promotion is to a film doesn't it? No one has obviously heard of this, hence they kept away in droves. So it was a quiet theatre all screening. I'm not overly fussed on Jake Gyllenhaal. He is a competent enough actor but doesn't set the world on fire for me. The rest of the cast is the same, competent but nothing out of the ordinary. Vera Farmiga was a disappointment, especially after her role in Up in the Air of last year with George Clooney. Admitedly the script wasn't great so she had little to work with. I knew I was going to be bored with this and I was. Nothing, upon nothing could even compare after the brilliance of Charade.

 Source Code doesn't offer anything new in any way. The premise is just another take on time travel but re-dressed as quatum physcis. I reminded me very much of Denzel Washington outing Deja Vu of several years back.Whilst not quite the same they are extremely similar in premise. The technique of a return to the same scene is nothing new either as Vantage Point done it several years ago and was much superior. Again, when I saw the unoriginality, I was bored and just wanted to go home. I had started to squirm in my seat which is a good sign as to the quality of what I'm watching!

 To be bluntly honest I really don't think Source Code is worth bothering with. If you want a quiet night at the flicks with the grey matter in neutral then it will suffice. It will not offer you anything new in any way. For me this is one to wait for when it comes out on DVD because you won't miss anything by not going to a cinema. The end sums it up as it stutters to a cliqued ending that was nothing but a cop out...pussies!! ( aren't they Karina! ).

 Nothing new here, and quite un-remarkable. Entertaining...maybe, but it bored me quite badly. Maybe I'm judging it against Charade but when you see such a great classic the day before it is hard not to. The difference between a truely great film that has endured in quality is glaringly obvious against this which is just another churned out Hollywood nothingness. All I can say is this...bring on Lawrence of Arabia!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. I believe I can like it. But still it was interesting to read your opinions.

    btw, I agree with you, they aren't promoting this film enough.

  2. I felt the same way, Brent. I don't think it was very original, although you have to give credit to Duncan Jones for trying. And I don't think Jake Gyllenhaal was an appropriate choice as the lead, especially since he already the whole time travel/wormhole thing in DONNIE DARKO.

  3. Sounds like what I'd expected from the previews they showed around here in the States were it was promoted quite a bit. Might be a rental someday for me.

  4. Churned out Hollywood nothingness is correct.

    I had to go back and read my own blog again - can't believe I actually used the phrase "pussy out"......

  5. It seems this is trugling promotion wise world wide. It had absolutely non here and I guess 3 people to amovie on its opening night sums it up doesn't it?
    It certainly isn't original and I really wish now I hadn't bothered with it! But hey hindsight is a wonderful thing isn't it!

  6. I thought this was very good, and would rate it about an 8/10. But, ah, we all have our opinions. Great review!

  7. i was so excited to see this after moon but i too felt massively let down and wish i hadn;t bothered rushing out to see the first screening of the day. oh well. you win some, you lose some.

  8. It is a nothing of a movie. It is several months now since I saw it and I really cna't re-call much about it. As you say a massive let down.