Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Hangover II

The wolf pack is back!!!!!

 Well if you have been following my blog for some time now you'll have realised I'm not fond of re-makes, or seconds, thirds or what evers from the cinematic world for that matter. Sometimes, just sometimes though, I make an exception, and in The Hangover II I have had to put aside my prejudices because for one of the few times ever I believe a part 2 is as good as its predecessor! Certainly not better, but as good.

 So put away away your medicines, witch doctors, and prayers for me because I am not sick, or suffering some strange malaise, because I believe what I have just typed...even though I can't believe that I have just done so! For once Hollywood has produced a movie as good as the first and I will humble pie to admit it. Admitedly I was sceptical at first when I heard of a second outing. The first Hangover was outstanding and must go down as one of the great Vegas movies. It was totally original, and when released a surprise hit world wide. I myself ventured to the local theatre twice to see it.

 I suppose then because it was a hit it shouldn't come as a surprise a second instalment came out. I went along to this at an earlier time than I normally would because the new series of Doctor Who started last week, and the Doctor won out over The Hangover!! It is opening day and quite a few people turned up even though it is a terrible day here weather wise. This was a good thing because part 2 is good value, and a theatre full of people having a good laugh provides a good vibe to be a part of.

 This outing sees the wolf pack in Asia. Stu, ( with a new tooth! ) is to marry there. The movie as a whole is almost a carbon copy of the first scene wise and in its introductions. But once the booze is pulled out the troubles begin!! The three mis-fits wake up in a shabby hotel room gods knows where ( Bangkok ) with a monkey, a severed finger, a facial tattoo, Chow with the smallest willy ever sen surely?!,  four severe hangovers, and no memories of how they got there. Sounds familiar, but it is also fresh as the characters are familiar, and we know how these bozos are when they get 'fucked up'!!

 They have also lost Stu's future brother in law, sixteen year old Teddy. Well you pretty much know the rest!! The script is virtually a re-run of the first movie as the three search their pockets for clues to the last nights debaucheries. They piece it all together and are horrified by their activities. I am honestly surprised that a premise that was done before could be done again in the same manner and still provide a very entertaining movie. The problem in the back of my mind is called The Hanover III, and I really hope that we don't see that. I feel after this outing that the premise has been taken as far as it can go. Let it go now and don't ruin a good thing I say.

 The problem for me is that it looks like NZ is one of the first countries to see this. I don't want to give any of the gags away, and believe me there are gags a plenty!! It is hilarious and the humour doesn't stop or dry up. I laughed from start to finish and just had a ball. Like I have said the premise isn't new but the gags are. For me the best part is when Stu finds out he 'went 'with aman....that is all I'll say because you'll find out for yourself. It cracked me up no 'end'!!! Pun intended, wink wink!!!!!!!

 Overall The Hangover II is a welcome addition to its predecessor. It is a carbon copy of the first with all the familiar faces. Bangkok is a wonderful backdrop and all the Thai debaucheries are explored ( watch the end for the photos and you'll see what I pong anyone? wink wink!!! ). As a movie it offers nothing new as such but the situations are different and very, very funny. It is a rare thing for me to say, but in this instance, in cashing in on the success of the first outing, this second one is actually very good and as good as the first.

 Enjoy!! It is mindless fun, and a good harmless romp of a night out, and you'll have a ball as you laugh at the absurdity of these guys!!

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  1. Even though I get annoyed that NZ gets every film 10 years after everyone else, I also get annoyed when we're the first to see some films, because I don't want to give anything away! It was like that when I watched Thor.

    Anyway, I'd love to see this film, but of course, I'm three months too young to see it. I reckon it will still rock, even if it is 'much of the same'. Because, to be honest, my idea of fun is hanging out with the Wolf Pack!

    Nice review!

  2. I'm geting pissed off with having to reply to posts anonymously...especially in my own blog!!!!!

    Don't worry it'll be out on DVD before you know it!! I really enjoyed this and think it wasn't a bad thing the two are similar. I like how the three wake up and go 'I can't believe this is happening again'. I think those who have criticised this for being the same have missed the point as it is all about it all happening again!!

  3. I love how much you loved the film!

    I get that the deja vu was intentional but I think that they played on it too much and didn't attempt to try something new or to add a different element to keep the film fresh.

    I think that maybe on another day in a better mood I would have enjoyed this film a lot more!

    Hope you get your blog problems sorted.

    I missed this post which is why it's taken me a couple of days to read it!

  4. No I'm still anonymous...even on my own blog!!!! It is getting beyond a joke as its been well over a week. I'm not alone in having the problem.
    Yeah it wasn't great but it was fun and I suppose that was all I was in the mood for. I've seen great films that I didn't enjoy because of how I felt at the time.
    I just hope that the ineviatble III will be better and add more originality.