Wednesday, April 27, 2011


 The weather here has been absolutley atrocious so I decided to nip into the local theatre during the late afternoon instead of later at night. I didn't fancy driving there at night with it pissing down the way it has been and sitting in a theatre half wet. It would not have made for a pleasant experience.

 With Thor I wasn't expecting a great deal. I found myself un-interested in the trailer but knew my butt would be there no matter the impression the trailer gave off! To be honest I'm getting somewhat weary of these buble gum movies and yearn for some real quality cinema.  Unfortunately the only theatre that can scratch that itch is closed for major renovations so I'm somewhat stuck for choice.

 In saying that though I did venture out to Havelock North to see the brillianty moving Holocaust drama Sarah's Key last week which went someway to easing my appetite. But I want more!! I have struggled to write a review for Sarah's Key, and have made several atempts and faltered each time. It is a superb film and I want to get my thoughts of it right, and put into words in a way I can be perpetually happy with. It has been damn difficult as a truely great film isn't the easiet to critiqe and write up.

 But to Thor!!  It is the school holidays and the theatre was pretty much packed with kids. Oh great I thought to myself. But actually this lot of youngsters were quite well behaved and I didn't notice them throughout the movie. That is a good sign because I always believe if a movie isn't engaging the kids then it is either rubbish, or a bit too mature for them. Thor has covered both adult and childrens bases extremely well. It has enough to engage an adult, and isn't too complex for the youngsters. It is a difficult balancing act to achieve, and all credit to the makers as they have done it very well.

 But in covering both bases some of the dialogue was a bit lame and some lines were real clangers!! I did groan at times at some of the lines, and was somewhat embarrased at how awful they were. The movie itself isn't complex and very simple to follow and again emphasises the all things to all patrons. It isn't too complex for the kids or patroningly weak for the adults. I suppose in this day of CGI visual apearances are seen to cover any acting faults. There is some pretty average acting, but some of the lines are pretty ordinary which even Marlon Brando, on a good day, couldn't get anything good out of. But I suppose in being all things to such a cross section of audience these things can be accepted. I certainly did even though I somewhat critise them. But isn't that the point of a review? to critque the good and bad instead of just saying,  'good' or 'crap?? The dialogue must be seen within the context of what the movie is trying to achieve, which is namely bums on seats, and providing entertainment for all patrons. I do think Thor does that, and more then well.

 Anthony Hopkins shines, and maybe his star power prevailed, because his lines are superior and the old war horse is very gogd in his role. He has the age and bearing of a king, and as an actor the voice of authority needed for the role. He is head and shoulders above the rest of the cast. In saying that though the others aren't terrible, it is just the lines they have been saddled with that is the problem. They are somewhat simplistic which gives them no real chance of depth or expansion. They are just to be spoken adequately enough so as to be put into the movie. No more, no less. Maybe with the amount of money spent on the CGI there wasn't enough left for adequate real time acting or a better dialogue writer.

 The CGI is nothing new as such. Much of it I found reminded me of Lord of the Rings in styling. This isn't a bad thing as such because they certainly set the bar. But somehow I found myself yawning. Visually spectacular it was, yes! But I'm somewhat bored with the assault of CGI on my senses at the moment. Thor doesn't really provide anything new or sensational visually, but it is still a rollicking good watch and you do get your money's worth.

 Ultimately Thor is pure entertainment for a very diverse audience. I commend the makers for achieving such a balancing act. Some of the dialogue does unfortunately clang,  the kids won't notice as such but the matures will, I groanedbut let it go because I see where the makers have gone with this There is some good humour thrown in and I did laugh many times, it is aimed at us oldies, which again is all things to all patrons. Having Kenneth Branagh on board has certainly helped. I think his influence has lifted this from what could have been a very poor outing into something far superior. It isn't great I will say right now. But I shudder to think of what we could have got instead.

 In all Thor is a very entertaining watch and a perfect movie for when the weather is bad! It is CGI heavy with nothing really new, but in this day and age it is better than alot I have seen. If I had to grade Thor I would give it 7/10, and that for it's entertaintainment factor alone as if one is really honest it doesn't provide anything new or particularly dazzling, and some of the dialogue and its projection isn't, lets say, memorable! A good entertaining watch but ultimately another CGI super hero movie that is fairly much a one watch experience. 

I may appear heavily critical but Thor is worth seeing!! I  certainly did enjoy it and really have no gripes becuase I got more than I was initialy expecting. That is always a bonus isn't it?!! It provides for all and you will be entertained. Just don't expect The Godfather and you'll get what you paid for. In many respects it is the perfect movie for just sitting down in front of with the brain in neutral after a day of un-appreciated slavery from your employers.

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  1. Great to see another good review for this, looking forward to seeing this after I'd thought it could have turned into bad cheese initally.

  2. I must admit I thought it was going to be extra, extra bad! but it wasn't and worth a watch. I certainly scream from the top of a mountain about how great it was either!!

  3. I love comic book/fantasy film and I think the makers of Thor did a good job - much better than expected.

    From the trailer my expectations were low so I was very pleased with the end result (hence my enthusiastic review!)

    Looking forward to reading your review of Sarah's Key. I can't pretend to have heard of it until now but you have peaked my interest.

    Our local cinema is very mainstream but occasionally one of the bigger cinemas in Belfast do through out some films that would otherwise slip under the radar if you aren't already looking for them

  4. Sarah's Key is just outstanding. I am struggling badly to write it up though. I haven't read comics in years. My parents owned a bookshop when I was in my teens so got to read all titles of the 80's. My favorite was always The Phantom.
    I liked Thor and it was better than I expected, but I am craving some more thought provoking cinema at the moment!

  5. I have been hearing that this was a great film, though I am honestly not really expecting much. Great review and nice read!

  6. All good build-up for The Avengers right?

  7. Yeah I suppose so...lets hope it doesn't let us down huh?!!