Thursday, April 7, 2011

Sucker Punch

You Will Be Unprepared. 

 Sucker Punch has finally been released here in NZ and I saw it immediately after Rio last night. Unfortunatley as Rio was winding down I began to feel a red hot knitting needle push its way between my eyes. Curses, the start of a migraine. I hoped it wouldn't get too viscious, but alas it did, and with a two hour movie to sit through. Suffice to say readers, I was in excrutiating pain by half way through and wanting the movie to end so I could go home and die in bed.
 So even though I sat through Sucker Punch in some respects I missed it. I was disappointed and seriously pissed off as I had been eagerly awaiting Sucker Punch ever since I first saw the trailer months ago. My ardour wasn't doused by the plethora of negative reviews on blogosphere either. So can you imagine how a movie you were really hanging out to see was so spoiled? Isn't fate a bitch??!
 Being in pain and watching a movie isn't fun. With enough pins and needles behind your eyes watching a movie in the dark is excrutiating to say the least. But I perservered my good readers. Firstly is Sucker Puch as bad as is being purported? Well yes and certainly no. For me if you saw Battle: L.A. then you have seen Sucker Punch. They are both similar in being action driven with some terrible plot driven, cheesily acted plot scenes in between. Like Battle: L.A, Sucker Puch should just edit out these scenes and be a straight out two hour fight fest. Honestly the acting is bad and the plot terrible. These scenes are only used to string together each action sequence and quality be damned.
 It is a real shame because the action sequences are really something. The CGI is absolutely stunning and a virtual symphony for the eyes. You will not be disappointed by what you see, and with the awfulness of the joining scenes you'll be glad to get back to them. The action is backed up by a cool, hard driving sound track and are alot of fun. Pity I was suffering because I really, really, wanted to enjoy them more than I did. 
 The problem is exactly like Battle: L.A though. Once the action is over you are back to the awfulness of the acting and dialogue. The plot is thin to say the least and is somewhat repugnant. I did not like the plot being one of girls being thrown into a mental asylum and being forced into prostitution. Babydoll, the main character is told her virginity is going to be sold to a 'high roller'! Is that really appropriate?? It is a diabolical practise anyway and left me with a bad taste in my mouth. I'm not a prude, but enforced prostitution is despicable even within a fictional movie like this. I'm sure there were other unpleasant scenarios Zach Snyder could have come up with in which the girls wanted to escape from.
 So the back ground plot is one from which there is no real escape except in the mind. It is a good premise and Babydoll, who escapes through dance routines, has a vivid imagination! Even though the plot is thin and the plot scenes awful they do an adequate enough job in tying the action sequences together. The cast is realitively unknown but Abbie Cornish is a fine actress but I couldn't believe how bad she was in this!! It was if the rest of the cast is bad so I should be to! What a waste of talent. Some will love the fact that this is an eye-candy movie with lots of hot young babes walking, running, jumping, killing, grunting,etc,etc, around in skimpy outfits. It nevers delves into nudity or border line porn, but somehow it went over my head. Again it was style over substance. Lots of flesh to detract from lack of decent plot and acting me thinks. There is certainly no denying with Sucker Punch who the target audience is!!!!!
 So is Sucker Punch worth your time and money. Well definitely is all I can say. It is all style and entertainment. I personally like this style of film making but I wish that more attempts were made into making the non-action scenes as quality driven. I don't think it is good practice to insult audiences with stunning CGI and then bombard them with crap in between. Ulimately Sucker Punch has to be judged by its negatives because they are totally unneccessary. The plot, acting, and dialogue are truely awful, and a real pain, as it lowers what could have been a superbly stylistic movie into a load of style over substance drivel. Also Synder has the annoying habit of trying to 'intellectualise' his movies. Watchmen was bad for it and one of the many reasons why I absolutely hated it. Sucker Punch ends with Babydoll telling us all about life and that it is worth fighting for, etc, etc. She is only twenty so it is somewhat condesending. Snyder should drop this practise and stick to just making stylistic actioners. As a film maker I like what he does but he does need to improve on many things.  I hope he does as he has alot to offer as a film maker. It is up to him to listen to the audience and give them what they want.
 I say though go and see Sucker Puch because in between the drivel are some stunning CGI action sequences which have a cool soundtrack. Good 'n' loud, it is ultimately pure fun and a great way to spend several hours. Don't take it too seriously and you won't be disappointed, as it does deliver the goods visually. I may have to see it again at the flicks because I really was ill through it and didn't enjoy it as much as I may have otherwise done. Ulimately, with Sucker Punch dividing opinions world wide, you just have to see it and decide for yourself.
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  1. Great write up we are very much in the same general reaction but upon walking out of the film I couldn't help but think I hated it. I'll give it another go at some point but it's been my biggest letdown of the year thus far.

  2. It is a movie you feel ambivalent about isn't it? You really want to like it as it had so much potential but there is some real awfulness to it that drags the good of it down.
    Stunning CGI alone can't make a good movie. I loved the action sequences though.Tthe giant samurais and the WW 1 scenes were awesome...but the acting and dialogue made want to scream because it was so bad!!

  3. Been waiting for this for months, was scheduled to see it last week, but missed out due to circumstances. So, I hope I'll get to it this week.

    Now, about Snyder and "Watchmen"... I disagree with you on that one. Since I wrote many comments on that particular film on many blogs, I'll just re-use one:

    "I have read the graphic novel before seeing the film. And while the graphic novel is not my favorite of all time, the film is. Never had a film engaged me so much as 'Watchmen' did. It has so many layers, I discover something new every time. I find it brilliant in every aspect: the intro credits are amazing, the visual style is also, the performances are captivating (especially J.D. Morgan) and the story is incredibly deep.

    There are certain scenes which hit me like a rushing train every time I see them; small scenes, easily missable. Like when Laurie begs Manhattan to come back to Earth and stop the war. She cries at him: "If you don't, everyone will die!" and he turns his head towards her, and whispers: "And the Universe will not even notice." Which is, in fact, the truth... and it makes you wonder, doesn't it?

    Anyway, I could go on for pages more, but instead I'll just conclude: Zack Snyder managed to make a totally non-mainstream film from a non-marketable story where there are no heroes and no villains, without a single "movie star" (but many great actors), and he managed to acquire the endorsement of a big name studio. I like to quote a review of some critic I once read, who said: "Snyder delivered us the “Watchmen” we all wanted, but never expected we’ll actually get." "

  4. Sorry my man but nothing upon nothing will ever make me like Watchmen. The character Manhattan got I on my nerves and he seriously pissed me off with all his moralising. Drove me nuts!!!!! It just bored me stupid. I have nothing against Synder so it isn't a personal thing as many film makers I like have made movies I haven't liked. I liked 300 alot, but Sucker Punch had the potential to be so much more. Style isn't enough and it wouldn't have been hard to supply some substance to it. It would have lifted the whole movie if he had.

  5. Great review and your reaction seems to be the consensus, great action, not much else. I'll still likely see it, because I can appreciate a movie that only serves good action scenes, but at least I'll have realistic expectations.

  6. I am so sorry that you weren't feeling well when you went to see the film.

    I disagree with what you said about Watchmen for the reasons Ventilation Shaft mentioned although I could never articulate said reasons as well as he did!

    Finally got to see Sucker Punch today and I am glad I have got it out of my system - it wont be watched again.

  7. Thanks is worth seing at the end of the day. I have seen far worse than this, and certainly it is amovie where consensus rules and almost everyone agrees.

    Karina...It won't be watched again by me either. It is a one time watch and that is about it for me...just like Watchmen!!!!!! The points above are valid certainly but it still bored me stiff.