Thursday, April 21, 2011

Fast and Furious Five

 I must admit to being extremely sceptical about a fifth outing of the Fast and Furious movies. I've never been a great fan as they are nothing more than full tank empty head outings. The fourth instalment was poor to say the least, and I groaned when I saw a fifth movie was about to be released. Even worse I read earlier today there is to be a sixth one made!! Apparently....apparently! it is to the LAST one last . Ha.... heard that one before haven't we!!

 So I trundled down to the local theatre somewhat trepidly as I didn't really want to sit through another boy racer epic of awfulness. But do you know what?? Fast and Furious Five isn't too bad!! To say it is superior to the last is an under-statement, as it cleans the floor with it! I was honestly surprised how good it was. Good?....well maybe not good but certainly very, very entertaining, and I definitely got my money's worth in that regard. The session I went to was over full, and I was just about the oldest there. Not quite, but damn close. The majority was older teens, and twenty somethings. Judging from their reactions they left feeling entertained, having gorged on fast cars, hot babes, guns, explosions, and all sorts of other mindless entertainment.

 This has actually been released in New Zealand before the U.S. The poster we have here is different and I couldn't find our one to post as a comparison. The one I have put up is from the U.S release I believe. It was released here in N.Z today, 21.4.11, and will be released in the States 29.4.11. So little old N.Z is one of, if not the first, country in the world to see it! Just a little bit of trivia for you. It is interesting because some movies released in the U.S or the U.K/Europe can take upwards of four months before release here, and yet at other times movies are released down under before the bigger countries. ( like Paul ). Go figure!! ( I have a feeling to that True Grit was released here to before anywhere else in the world. I could be wrong but I re-call a big name movie about that time being played here first before any where else ).

 Also the title I believe is different in some countires. Here it is Fast and Furious Five, whereas in some countries it is to be titled Furious Five Rio. Again go figure!! So how 'good' is this fifth instalment? Well in short is a vast improvement over the last and well worth seeing. I cannot believe that I am sitting here typing those words after my initial reservations. The movie starts where the last finished. I instantly thought 'Here we go'! time for the bullshit to start. And it does. The first forty five minutes are cliqued crap and don't set up your opinions, or expectations, for the rest of the movie well at all. It is a shame because from there on in the movie is a ripper of an actioner.

 Did I mention the word crap? It is of course the usual Fast movie with plenty of absurd stunts, which are truely spectatcular, but will have you groaning in almost embarrassment. The dialogue is rubbish as to be expected, the plot is also rubbish and unoriginal. But it is still very entertainting as this is a no brainer at its very best. You won't be challenged to use a pun..just sit back and enjoy the ride!!
And it is a good ride. For its flaws, holes in dialogue, and such like, Fast and furious Five belts along at a good pace only tripping up several times. But it recovers sufficiently enough for it not to be noticed. The highlight of the movie is the stealing of a vault, and the susequent chase scene through the streets of Rio. Absolutely spectaculer with mayhem and carnage galore. For the quality of the movie as a whole this scene is well worth the entry price alone to see. It is very good and surprisingly long. You get more than your money's worth out of it.

 There isn't much more to say. It is far superior to the last three sequels, which isn't hard considering the limited acting skills on offer, and premise of a bunch of aging streets racers on the run. If you go in with the brain turned off you won't get anything less than expected. It is standard fare but it is worth seeing none the less. As stated the vault scene is a ripper and I do believe you will enjoy it, and be pleased you went along and spent your hard earned cash. Basically, just buckle up people, and enjoy the ride...but leave your brain at the door cos you ain't going to need it!!

 No links I'm afraid!! Because it hasn't been released State side there are no reviews!!!


  1. Always thought of the Fast and Furious series as decent mindless entertainment. Won't be seeing this on the big screen because there are better film out there, but I'll definitely watch it on DVD - after all, it has Paul Walker, Vin Diesel AND The Rock. Good enough for me.

  2. Great write up, just can't bring myself to watch this, your write up is more than enough so kudos!

  3. Heh heh heh...yep this franchise is like that isn't it?! It is definitely aimed at a niche market..namely young guys. Anyone older wil see the Fast movies for what they are...mindless rubbish!!

  4. They are mindless rubbish but the Fast movies do it well!

    I always feel a bit smug when we get a film before the rest of the world too - I doesn't happen often though

  5. It is funny how some movies do awful well isn't it!! I know we get movies before the rest of the world but often I forget which ones and can't mention them on the blog.

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  7. Thanks!! Always nice to read that what you write is of interest to others. I suppose that is the whole point of blogging. Don't worry as the posts shall keep on coming, just not as regularaly as before as time is short.