Thursday, October 27, 2011

Film Images And A Little Test...Give It A Go!!

 After my post of several days ago in which I attempted to find my top ten iconic film images I did some net surfing. What I found made me groan out loud! I found three images that I instantly knew should have been included. Suffice to say I will now do another post of a similar sort because there are just so any truly iconic film images to choose from.

 But what I thought I'd do here here is set a little test for you all instead of me posting a set of images and writing a piece on why I consider them iconic. None of the following five images is overly obscure. As film and telly watchers, poster buyers, magazine readers, music video watchers, etc, in other words uses of all manner of possible mediums, you will have at some stage come across these images. The first four may be in B&W but are instantly recognisable and very much a part of popular culture.

 So after each image I will ask the simple, quite obvious question! Go ahead because I'm sure all five images are known to you all regardless of where they came from.

 Just how legendary is this image!! Seriously even though you haven't seen the film itself it is still instantly recognisable in one form or another. And even though from a film that is now almost a century old it still projects the creepiness it did when released. An iconic image that modern horrors should take note of.

 So what is the name of the film?

 Another German image from an era when the they were the best film makers in the world. This film is now regarded as a masterpiece and one I personally consider one of the greatest ever made. From the film we have this classic, and don't silhouettes make for great images?! They are so simple and yet so effective. In fact at some stage I will do a ' name the silhouette ' post because there are so many great ones. This film also has another iconic image, but it is too obvious! A hint there!

So, name the film. And if you like, name the actor whose profile this is.

 I was very fortunate to see this classic American comedy several years at the NZ Film Festival. Again what an iconic image and one that has been printed on posters and generally entered popular culture. It has come to dominate everything else about the film. Without question from an era of great American slapstick comedies.

 Hence can you actually name the film itself? Again test your knowledge if you like. Who is the actor?

 Now seriously can any of you honestly tell me you have never seen this image?? It is truly iconic and has been used extensively in advertising parodies. I have seen it used in eye medication ads quite often....wonder why? Even American band The Smashing Pumpkins used the clip the image is from in one of their music videos! Again posters etc, etc, have seen this image immortalised on our collective memories.

 But what is the name of this silent era film? Test your knowledge if you like. What year is it from?

 Now for some colour! This image is a recognisable one as it is from one of the greatest films ever made ( even though I'm not overly fussed on it! ). Not only is it an iconic image it is an iconic character. Again posters have been printed and it has been parodied endlessly in advertisements. I have seen it well parodied in The Simpsons with Pierce Brosnan. Even recent film Moon used a character of similar ilk with Kevin Spacey in the role. Two hints!!

 So, name the film. If you can do that then you can of course name the creepy character!

 Leave your answers in the comments box, and I will answer them myself some time soon.


  1. 1.Nosferatu?
    2.The Third Man, Orson Welles?
    3.?, Harold LLoyd.
    5.2001, HAL?

  2. 1. Nosferatu

    2. Blank on this one....

    3. Safety Last! blank on the actor

    4. Le Voyage Dans La Lune

    5. Hal, 2001 - I'm a Kubrick nut...

  3. AL. Good try! 2 is a complete miss though! But I do see where The Third Man can spring to mind because of its use of shadow etc. A fine film!

    Well done Daniel! You know which ones you have right!! Will reveal all soon!

    2. ?
    3. It's from the film SAFETY LAST! which BACK TO THE FUTURE pays homage to with the clock tower scene with Christopher Lloyd hanging from the clock. (Where would I be without the Film101 course?) Was unsure of actor but apparently it's Harold Lloyd according to another commenter.
    5. 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY

    P.S. I just commented on your post about the remake of THE OMEN and just as I was writing this comment, I had trick or treaters come to my door. Poor effort on the costume but impressed they made it all the way down the concrete steps for chocolate.

  5. Number 2 has many stumped and yet I thought it quite a well known image. All answers to come so keep an eye out!
    Ah Wellington! God knows I've walked up and down some cliff like stairs in our capital over the years too!