Thursday, September 1, 2011

Final Destination 5

 To say I wasn't interested in seeing this in the least, is an understatement. I really had no inclination or desire, to sit through 90mins of mindless death and gore, in the name of entertainment. My wanting to give this a miss is based on the last instalment part 6 or 9, or was 12? nah, it must have been part zillion. Whatever part it was it was terrible!

 But with absolutely nothing else on offer I really had no other alternative for my weekly cinema visit. So with reluctance I went off into town with $20 in my hot little hand. Well imagine my surprise that I got a random free ticket!! Whew, that saved me $18.30 as FD 5 has no alternative to its 3-D sessions. So I settled in knowing, no matter how bad or mediocre this was undoubtedly going to be, I could at least leave at the end knowing I didn't pay for watching rubbish.

 But folks I was in for a shock, because believe it or not FD 5 is far better than you or I would have expected it to be. As many of you know I'm not fussed on 3-D and consider it over rated. I've only seen one movie in all my years that impressed me in 3-D ( Journey to the Centre of the Earth in 2008 ). But believe me FD 5 is simply the best thing in 3-D ever!! The opening credits alone are worth the ticket price ( if you have to pay, snigger snigger ). Honestly the opening credits are freakin' amazing and some of the best 3-D I've ever seen. And yet it got better as finally, after many years, I saw a movie where the 3-D blew me away.

 JTTCOTE is the only movie I've seen where images actually leap out of the screen in front of my eyes, or over my head. That is what 3-D is meant to do isn't it??? Well FD 5 does exactly that. I was impressed and immensely entertained. If you know the franchise then you can envisage the type of thing you are going to get. The gruesome deaths are no more imaginative than before, but the superb 3-D more than makes up for as steel reinforcing rods spear out of you, and blood and guts spray all over the place. I'm not really a gore person but credit where it is due. This movie will I'm sure. satisfy all gorno fans and even those who just appreciate good. effective 3-D imagery.

 But besides the 3-D, and the same old deaths, the movie as a whole is extremely solid. It is far superior to the last outing by far. The acting is surprisingly good considering it is usually the Achilles heel of movies of this type. Unfortunately there are some cheesy cliche moments in between the thrills which made me groan somewhat aloud. But even though they are poor the acting remains fairly good. I really was surprised at this. If for nothing else, the movie should be commended on for having a cast that looked like they were acting, and not being imitations of card board cut out dummies, aka Keanu Reeves.

 The CGI is also impressive. The opening bridge scene is superb, and for me the best CGI of the year by far. The budget for this movie must have been substantial because everything has a smack of quality about it. Considering some of the bigger blockbusters this year for me FD 5 surpasses most of them, especially visually. Sure there are some corny moments, but the overall solidness  holds it all together really well. This really is a movie that has no right to be as good as it is, considering what has one on before it.

 The deaths are stupid as always and yet funny as hell. I honestly went into hysterics at some of them!! The gymnastics scene is a killer...oops a pun!. It happens so fast, the result so unexpected and ridiculous, that I couldn't help but dissolve into peels of laughter. The 3-D is well used in some of the deaths, which only made peels of laughter harder and stronger! Steel reinforcing rods jutting out of the screen past my eyes dripping in blood was actually quite spectacular.

 Well that's about all I say. I mean plot? What is that as this doesn't have one! But Final Destination 5 is a surprisingly good movie for the genre. I was genuinely surprised by its solidness, and the feel of quality about it. The acting is well above average, and the CGI impressive against some of the poor use I've seen of it in other movies this year. But really this movies best feature is the 3-D. It is superb, and I don't think you'll have seen better in along time, if ever. Just the opening credits are worth seeing, and believe me they are super cool ( the bridge scene is a ripper also and well worth the price of admission ).

 I think this was surprisingly good, even though I don't generally go for this type of gore movie. It is stupid, but very entertaining fun at the same time. I say give it your serious consideration just for the superb 3-D. That for me is the only real reason for spending your money, because if it wasn't as good as it was, then ultimately this would be a movie to forgo.

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  1. Well I gotta say I'm a little shocked! I kind of wanted to see this one, had given up any desire after part 2, but decided against it. Sounds like it might actually be worthwhile!

  2. The 3-D was worth it!! Like you I was shocked by the how solid this was all round. But to be honest without the 3-D, and I'm thinking DVD here, it just wouldn't work and would look ordinary.
    Quite simply the best use of 3-D I've ever seen.