Thursday, August 4, 2011

Horrible Bosses

 I must admit that I was looking forward to seeing this, but it took so long to arrive here I thought it was one of those movies that was going to pass us by, and go straight to DVD. Well it obviously didn't, so it was two movies this week did my self traipse off to see!

 And glad I am because I had a ball! I mean there is nothing original here, and even the in house Throw Momma From the Train reference was a tongue in cheek acknowledgement. But even if unoriginal there was plenty of genuine laughs to compensate. But what I wasn't expecting was the level of crudeness! I mean within minutes of the start there were big bold white words on the screen bemoaning what a fucker one boss was! But the crudeness was even more surprisingly provided by Jennifer Aniston, who knocked me out with the level of smut that poured from her mouth!! ( Just wait until you hear how she broke a nail!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ).

 Don't get me wrong I ain't a prude and I loved it!! It was over the top and yet I didn't think it over done it. But I did sit there and wonder if the movie was promoted right, because the trailers didn't give any indication of the smut level, and I'm sure one or two people, with more delicate constitutions, are going to get more than they bargained for!! The language isn't the thing as we are more than immune now to fuck, but the torrent of cock associated words could almost put a blue movie to shame!!

 OK so the premise isn't original as such, but the situations were, and one 'boss' in particular seemed all too familiar to me!!!!!! But no unfortunately it wasn't the porn star parading as Aniston! But the cast is the key here, and it is a very fine one. Justin Bateman is perfect for this type of role, and plays it superbly. He's just such a nice guy that you can't help but like him! But the rest of the cast too is perfectly played. Colin Farrell has a star turn as a balding cocaine addled fuck wit, Kevin Spacey is just hateable as Bateman's boss, (and you just want to throw him out of a window, wink wink!! ). Aniston really took me by surprise as the pseudo porn star dentist, and Charlie Day and Jason Sudeikis are excellent as Bateman's somewhat bum bumbling friends.

 Jamie Foxx gets a small part and does a good job at cleverly swindling the three friends. And wonderfully there is a small cameo by Donald Sutherland, who stills looks good even though not a young man anymore. So the cast is an excellent one and they pull this off extremely well. I honestly laughed from start to finish. The humour is over the top at times but it is all in the name of fun, so it just worked. Favorite scene for me was when one guy stuck his boss' tooth brush, and razor, up his bum!! Honestly I laughed and envisaged myself...nah, I won't, or better not, go there!!!!

 Not a masterpiece to be sure, but for the type of movie it is it was a a lot of fun, ( no CGI was a relief!!!! ). It certainly isn't to be taken seriously even though it is a comedy, and it just felt as if the cast had a lot of fun making it. The whole thing felt right and it is genuinely funny. Jennifer Aniston is the surprise as she really does get down and dirty, and I mean down and dirty. She was so close to porn I almost expected the cheesy music to start, and some muscle bound 10 inched dude to walk in and start shagging her!!! She plays her part well but so does the whole cast. But as stated its smut level is high, and if aren't expecting it, or are offended by it, then it is best if you stay away!!!

 Fun, sheer fun, and nothing more. A good night out if you like offensive humour, and I'm sure you will will have alot of laughs as I did. I believe it has been generally well received with critics, so maybe that is something to take on board if you are deciding on taking the plunge or not. 7.5/10 from me.

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  1. Looking forward to seeing it, thanks for that excellent review.

  2. I'm sure you will enjoy it!! It is genuinely funny even if unoriginal in premise.

  3. Solid film that could have been so much better with a better script.

    All three leads really have excellent comedic chemistry though they really the carry the movie.

    I have a general dislike for Aniston so it’s impossible to like her, so take that for what it’s worth. Wish there was more Farrell in it though, even though I enjoyed Spacey quite a bit.

  4. Solid movie it was. Yeah it could definetly have used more Farrell. But for its flaws I really had alot of fun and I can live with that!
    I'm not an Aniston fan either but I think because she played so out of time she finally piqued my interest.

  5. This looks awesome...probably a DVD watch for me. The cast itself looks really good. It'll be good to see Aniston in something that isn't romantic!

  6. It is a good watch and well worth your time!! Plenty of laughs and it is a damn good cast!! Jennifer Aniston couldn't be more removed from rom-coms as she is in this. You are in for a surprise at how filthy she gets!!